Share your story

Have you embarked on a nature-based solution you’d like others to know about, but don’t have the time or motivation to put to paper?

I can help you by researching, collating and writing your story to share with your networks.

Past publications:

I am contracted as principal writer for Resilient in the Otago Daily Times. This quarterly magazine is solutions-oriented, entertaining, and filled with locally focused stories grounded in science. It is directed by founder, editor and contributing writer Tom McKinlay. Nature based articles I’ve written, edited by the ODT, include –

    • Native dunes and coastal protection (Nov 2020)
    • Nature based solutions interview (Mar 2020)
    • Peatlands sequestering carbon (Mar 2020)
    • Native forest regeneration (Apr 2019)

Published travel pieces include –

    • Hitch-Hikers Guide (May 2017)
    • Abroad Aboard (Jan 2017)
    • Slow Travel – Jan 2017 (Organic NZ magazine)
    • A (Mostly) Flightless Kiwi, Issue 12, P86-107 (DIEM e-magazine)
    • Silo Slumber – Mar 2019 (Organic NZ magazine)


Quite often, some of my photos will accompany an article I write. A few of my more recent pieces are supported by a short video I’ve created, video-edited by the ODT. My videos include –