Treedom NZ

At Treedom NZ, I provide an environmental sustainability service for  communities, organisations and workplaces. Through interactive workshops and activities, I create opportunities for people  to connect with one-another, work well together and strengthen values and actions for the common good.  I can also help groups to share their environmental actions and successes, through their newsletters and websites.

Maureen Howard, BSc Hons., PhD.


About me

Originally from Northern Ireland, I gained a BSc Hons in Psychology from the University of Ulster and completed my PhD with the Psychology Department at the University of Otago. From 2006-2015, I worked as Dunedin’s Sustainable Living Facilitator contracted to the Dunedin City Council. As part of my work I provided interactive talks, workshops and  Sustainable Living courses for adults and community groups.

Photo taken by Caroline Davies, Editor of Down in Edin Magazine

For two years beginning in December 2015, I embarked on my ‘midlife Big OE’ and travelled alone from New Zealand to Northern Ireland and back again via the Americas choosing lower carbon options where I could.  My motto is to make taking a flight ‘the last resort rather than the first option’.

Back in my home town Dunedin again, I have launched Treedom NZ as a platform for my services in sustainability communications and education. In addition to running workshops, I also write articles on sustainability subjects (eg ‘Resilient’ in the Otago Daily Times) and I am host of Eco Living in Action on Otago Access Radio 105.4FM.

Maureen Howard, PhD