Wishing you a Good Enough 2019

Allison’s fun and almost zero waste Homemade Xmas Crackers. Definitely Good Enough!

I’d like to wish you all a Good Enough 2019

Not sound very inspiring? Well actually it is. Yesterday I read this article  called Eco-Authenticity by Andrew J Hoffman, Education Director at the Graham Sustainability Institute, University of Michigan. It’s about doing what we can whilst not getting paralysed by the lofty goals of Perfection.

Aligning our values with our actions brings its own rewards – feeling we are part of the solution and not the problem, opening us to new experiences and to new people doing interesting things.

Individual actions such as cycling to work or composting our food scraps will not save the world alone, but they are an essential part of the solution. We feel happier; together in community, our actions bring pressure for societal change; and we gain eco-authenticity in the eyes of others.

The challenge is to keep on making changes WHILST not judging ourselves OR each other for not doing it perfectly. As Hoffman states (by Voltaire I think) – Don’t let Perfect be the enemy of Good.

So let’s make 2019 one where we do our own personal good enough (for now at least) and encourage others to do theirs.

Happy New Year! May it be Splendidly Good Enough for us all!