Wishing you all a Festive Holiday Season

My friend Danielle reminded me that Summer Solstice is coming soon. Here in New Zealand, this year it happens on Saturday 22nd December at 11.23am.

This longest day of the year is approaching far too fast for me! November was the wettest November on record in Dunedin. Not so much fun, but at least the fields are a vivid green (like my memories of Ireland).

In my own garden, soon the garlic will be dying down and ready to harvest. The red currents are ripening well. And for the first time, I will harvest pears from the fruit tree I grafted.

Next year, my bookings include another Homemade Cleaner Workshops independently and with Supergrans, at least one workshop on Office Composting through the Otago Chamber of Commerce, plans for interactive workshops on tree planting and appreciation … and more! The radio show Eco Living in Action will continue – and is back to a weekly slot!

If you want a sustainable practice workshop for your office, your organisation or in your community, I am your woman! Please get in touch.

I wish you a lovely Summer Solstice, Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.

Best wishes,

Maureen at Treedom NZ